Determination Draft out.

The Draft determination decision has been released and TDC have been found to have incorrectly used their power under the Building Act.
The determination stated that the Ministry agreed with the CPEng’s statement that the building posed no risk of harm to People or property, but goes on to say the Council made the right decision to reject the application. So if the building poses no harm if it failed, then the decision to reject the Schedule 1 application has to be wrong surely.
But I never asked for the decision to be reviewed. I wanted to know if the reasons given by TDC were within the parameters of the exemptions. And the decision is NO, they failed in their duty. By adding a totally irrelevant piece of information which is outside the parameters of the determination they have minimised the very reason for taking the determination.
And this has indeed been latched onto by the overstuffed blow hard that is the regulatory manager. He has taunted the MBIE to make the decision that the building poses no harm and take the liability. He is trained by the Britich military, and history is dotted with examples of absolute incompetence shown by military observers. He continues this tradition of passing the buck and dodging responsibility.
Once the decision has been officially released, I will post a link.

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