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a Bouquet goes to

It is extremely heart warming that I have found a Council who are doing something positive for the Building Industry in their area.
Hamilton City Council have implemented a partnership program which delivers tangible benefits for the industry partners.
Builders and designers who demonstrate a superior level of experience and knowledge as well as I hope a quality assurance system which allows repeatable delivery of the high standard will have less intrusion by Hamilton Council in the Process.
This is Hamilton City Council saying, shows us you are as good as you say you are, and we will take a more back seat position. The Good companies therefore should be able to offer a cheaper outcome for their clients by the lower level of input from Council and therefore a significant lower charge by them.
I have been involved in similar schemes in Nelson and Tasman, but the Council paid only lip service to the program. the onus was on the building official to prove the industry participants did not warrant the easier road and subsequently the schemes fell away and the group home companies, builders and designers all felt aggrieved.
I truly Hope the heart is in the right place for Hamilton and it is not doing what others have done before. If Councils do not want to be a part of the Construction Industry and perform their functions as outlined in the Building Act, they should get out.
Thanks for reading and i will always print good news when I come across it.